Monday, September 8, 2008

Dogs and house damage

I started back at school this week, and my husband was working at home. He couldn't really keep an eye on the dog, so he decided he would put the big Elizabethan collar doohickey on her because she is so bored, she has been chewing any part of her body that she can reach, and we don't want her getting any sore spots. We don't need more problems with her.

Anyways, he put the collar on and of course she reacted like we knew she would. She rampaged around the house causing as much damage as Godzilla in New York.

Then she stopped.

and sat. Very still.

She wouldn't move her head. She looked supremely miserable and started to drool. That plastic collar started to fill up with a big pool of drool. It was only to be a matter of time before it started to gag her and then there would have been a big shake of the head and we would be cleaning dog spit off of everything within a 3 meter area. So my husband took it off.

She calmed down and was fine. I guess some things are better left alone.

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