Saturday, May 2, 2009

White Rabbit

Across the street from us is a grass field. At the back of the field is a row of low bushes, and at the other side of the field is a forest.
Living in the cover of the bushes are rabbits. Living in the forest are coyotes.
Every summer we find the "leftovers" of a rabbit or two. I hate that. I know it's the circle of life, know...ick.
This year there are a lot of brown rabbits that camouflage very well, and one nice bright white one that you can see easily from across the field. My husband has cleverly nicknamed it "Whitey".
I have been wondering of what the other rabbits think about Whitey. Is it like "Holy crap!! Whitey is out in the field again, we'll be spotted...we're doomed...get back in here Whitey you big dope!" or maybe they figure he is a good distraction, and they are quite willing to sacrifice him, so they can make their getaway while the coyotes make a beeline straight for him.
Either way, I know the coyotes are in the forest, sitting their with their evil little grins, eyes trained keenly on their pretty but unwitting quarry, and I know what they are thinking.

Can you spray paint bunnies?

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