Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wedding Season- Cake Topper Time

I have been noticing something in both of my shops lately. A trend towards people wanting customized wedding cake toppers. I have sold quite a few already.
It started out with the little owls. I am hoping to get pictures from more customers as their weddings happily happen, but so far I only have one.

It looks like a beautiful cake with big flowers down he side. As the bride noted, it's interesting that the cake decorators put the female on the opposite side as to how it was painted to be, an so instead of looking lovingly at her groom, she seems to be checking out someone or something else. The bride was actually okay with this , so all is well.

There are other sets, with different types of owls, and different colours that I have sent off to adorn other cakes and if I get more pictures I will post them here. I imagine they all have different ideas on how to display them. I know one was talkng of doing a nest on top.

Zombies seem to be a fairly popular request, with vampires coming in second.

I have also had customers show me their little figures on their honeymoon, which I think is pretty darn cool.

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la Naváa said...

These are awesome! Should the day come that I actually get married, I want these guys!

And that cupcake wedding cake looks delicious!