Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Little Surprise

We have been doing a lot of home renovations for a couple of weeks, as part of this, I have been using the carport in the front of the house as an area to paint moldings, and other things. Quite often when I went out the front door, I saw a tiny bird fly out of the hanging plant outside our front door. I thought maybe it was eating something inside the basket. When I looked inside today, I found a little surprise.

A perfect litle nest with three tiny eggs, the size of Cadbury Mini Eggs.

Cool beans

July 25 update

I stood on a chair took a peek in the planter and saw some wiggly black and pink things. I hope they're baby birds.
The mom and dad birds are acting like they are.They have both been in the nest and fly out and then come back with food, and they sure don't like anybody going near the nest. I haven't heard any baby noises yet though. When they were both gone I stuck my arm up to try and get a picture (the planter is a bit too high fr be to see inside it) and I just got the edge of the nest and can see a bit of a pinkish something  in it.

This is either the mom or dad on the edge of the basket.
On a side note, my plants are wilting quickly in this lovely summer weather, even though it is in a shady spot, but I can't really water the plant, for fear of hurting the babies. 
Too bad they're not ducks.
July 26

Have a couple more quick (blurr) pictures I took while the mom is out looking for food.

There are some wicked looking little beaks now.

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Mary said...

Darling little babies! They're fun to watch aren't they? Hope you post when they're jumping out of the nest! We had blackbirds with a nest of babies this spring but moved before getting to see them.