Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Middle of the night notes

I suppose a lot of people do this...

I find that the time when I get ideas, are when I am just going to sleep or just waking up. I often used to repeat things over in my head so that I would remember them the next day, but that definitely didn't work. So what I do now is always have a pen and paper beside the bed so that I can write it down, in the dark, and let my mind rest at ease that the idea will be put into action in the near future.

Except sometimes I wake up to find notes like this one.

I can make out -cute girl cards...okay, - paint (some kind of ) dog...okay, if otters were people..huh?, and aliens (doing something ) to my head...double huh?


plasticpumpkin said...

Hah! I think I've heard it called the 3 am epiphany. I have them. All of the artists and writers I know have them. Keep 'em coming! :-)

SavageBabble said...

Ha! An epiphamy sounds like it should be far more profound than my warped thoughts. lol