Friday, February 8, 2008

Stage 3

Not really a stage, just where I am.
I added some golds and browns to some parts of the painting first, and then started filling in fur in a light tan colour. More dark and then light details will be added later, this is sort of a base coat to fill it all in and get the fur going in the right directions.
Even though I have this project on the go, I absolutely have to start on my beagle picture, I can't wait any longer, then I can switch back and forth between the two so paint can I can sit somewhere else and I can leave one and come back to it later with fresh eyes. It's amazing how often you can be kind of unsatisfied
with a painting and not know why, but if you leave it alone for a few days and come back to it...WHAM!, right away you can see what the problem was.

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