Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Getting older is fascinating.

Like, why do some old guys get hair growing out of their ears? What possible reason could mother nature have for that? Especially because they loose it from on top of their heads. Do men that wear hearing aids have to shave inside their ears to get them in?
Like, why do toenails get harder? I almost took out my son's eye with toenail shrapnel, when I was clipping them yesterday. That's just not right.

They way you look at people is different with age too. I know that what someone looks like on the outside doesn't tell you anything about who they really are.
I used to hang with some offbeat people in my day, and was pretty cool (hippie).
My neighbourhood has some pretty hardcore goths. Now, I have nothing against goths, I even find their clothing and hair styles kind of neat, and I have 2 daughters that went through a kind of gothy stage for a while, and I was okay with that.
I have always been slightly disappointed that goths don't actually run around going "wOOOooooOoo! because I know I would if I were one. Just for kicks.
...I lost track.... oh yeah, goths just never look happy, and I feel bad for them. Would you still be a goth if dressed the part but you were all smiley and happy? Or is that something else?


Diana said...

Oh my friend. Were you directing this post right exactly at my heart?

You see, I am getting old. 37 and I feel every year.


back in my day I was an absolute death rock princess. I'll have to show you photos, decadently drab photos where I'm trying my best to look haunted and wretched.

It's just the style.

I actually blew it alot of the time because I am just a smiley girl by nature. I've got some great photos, though.

These insta-goths, this new generation, now I don't know anything about them. Back in my day we had to be inventive about hair dye, and couldn't buy our super cool clothes at the mall for a 300% markup.

Sorry about the toenails. That's just not right.

SavageBabble said...

Ahhh I'm a smiley girl too. Would have given true goths a bad name...or a good name...or something.
I would like to see the haunted and wretched photos. I am drawn to dark and delicious things, as I'm sure you were. Thus my love of horror movies and books.

plasticpumpkin said...

Hee hee! I hear you. I posted something on this topic on my blog a few articles back...

And I see that diana recalls when it was still called "Death Rock." Awesome.

I had an epiphany while watching Miami Vice. An episode came on which had aired 25 years ago... and I remembered the day it aired clearly. It was one of those moments where you say, "has it been 25 years already?!"