Monday, May 19, 2008


I've been working on ideas for a business logo. I was thinking that most of what I do is cute little animals, and that might make a good image for a logo, and it would also balance out the savagery of my last name.
I have made a couple of black an white ones, they could go on a lot of things that way (although maybe a dark brown would be a little softer. I can do colour ones as well, but for now, it's black and white.

So I have this one:

and this one:

Any thoughts? I'm open to suggestions.


FallingSky said...

I like the bunny!

Amber said...

I love the bunny too! The kitty is cute too though. But I love the bunny!
I got my giraffe aceo's this morning! I love them! Thanks so much! Glad your blog address was on the precious moo card too.
God Bless! Amber

SavageBabble said...

I am partial to the bunny as well, thanks for your input you two.
I am glad you like the giraffes!!!

Mary Hughes Studio said...

Just nothing savage about a bunny. That's what makes it work. :) Mary

It's really adorable too!!

Diana said...

Those are great!!! I think they're both wonderful, but I have to admit there's something extraordinary about the bunny. I think it's all the negative space, and the tight little bundle of adorable juxtaposed with the word 'savage.' It's very fetching.

Wonderful work!!!

I'm just starting to feel normal again, and so glad to "see" you, my savage friend.


RadianTrace said...

I think the bunny looks great Terry. If you have some business cards printed up, I have an idea I'll convo you about through Etsy.

Daisy Chain said...

I know this is an old blog but I like the bunny too!