Friday, June 27, 2008


I was looking through some old pictures a while ago, and while I knew our family had, in general, large ears, I didn't realize exactly how large. Like open car doors.
I have cropped a picture of me, at 5 years of age, just so you can see.
Have a look and see if you can see it peeking out from my hair.

Got it?

My dad use to call them Moe and Joe. Moe being a little more sticky-out than Joe.

My brothers had similar protuberances, except in those days the boys had no cover up with the shorter hair styles back then.

As a teen, I was always trying to cover them up. As I got older I really didn't care and often put them on display for kids at the school that I work at, when they think they have some physical shortcomings of their own.

My own kids have varying degrees of this ear thing. With one daughter, and one ear in particular always peeps out fron her long straight hair. I was very surprised one day, when she was about 16, and I was at the doctor with her for a sore throat, and he happened to say..."you know we can fix those ears if you want, I know a lot of girls are bothered by that". To my utter joy, my daughter looked at him and said "I would never change them, I love my ears. They are who I am."

God, I love my kids.

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Mary Hughes Studio said...

You've obviously raised confident kids! For me it was my nose. I think I broke it several times falling on my face as a kid and to have it broken and chisled down for vanity just ain't happening. :)