Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hair change

Haven't done anything besides streak my hair blonde, for a long time.

I thought I would try something different so I bought some Nice 'n Easy, "Natural Lighest Golden Brown".

Which apparently means "Red"

I actually like it quite a bit inside the house. t's not too light and has a sort of auburny look. It goes quite well with ny skin tone and makes my eyes look even greener.

When I go outside it looks like my head caught fire.

Sort of.

I trimmed it a little shorter too (dirty self-trimmer).

It IS nice and silky feeling and I might just keep it this way, or something similar, I'll have to see the reactions from the family when they get home.

Anyways, this is it.

One odd thing I found out, while trying to take a picture of myself. (I'm at an age where I have to take about 50 photos, to get one that doesn't look like I need major botox or a visit from Richard Simmons) I am a head tilter. Most of them are tilted to the right....and the ones where I was trying to keep my head straight, have me with a serious face (not a good look for me).

Just an observation.

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RadianTrace said...

Hey! What's that 'old' tag doing in your entry? I think you're beautiful Terry. I love the new hair color!