Monday, April 21, 2008

Talk Like Bob Ross Day

Well I did anyways.

Not for any particular reason, I was just reminded of him, and....well he's just so infectious.

I can remember sitting with my mom, in front of the TV watching him work his magic.
Not so much for the artwork, but for the man himself. He's the one that taught me that there are no mistakes, only "happy accidents". Well, in art anyways, not so much in math homework I found out. My teacher didn't buy that. He'd "beat the devil" out of that big brush of his. Something that I discovered is completely unecessary and actually bad to do with pastels.

ooo this post needs a happy little tree!!!

............and I'll put it right............there--->

That makes this seem so much cozier don't you think?

I think actually I have to credit him with my animal painting in a way, because he was aways telling stories about them. I think he had a pet squirrel if I'm not mistaken, and he was always saying that the "little rascals" would be in the tree up high, or paint a happy bush and say "little raccoons and ol' possums 'n' stuff all live up in here". I just wanted to see them!
Anyways, thanks Mr Ross for being you.

Hold up...let's put that little rascal in a bush where he'll be happy.


Diana said...

Ah. I feel so much better now.

I love Bob Ross. I refuse to talk about him in past tense. The world is a much sadder place without him.

I will still watch him whenever I can. He always makes me feel happy. Not so much his art, but him.

He likes me.

This meant alot as a morose, isolated child. Between him and Fred Rogers, I was able to make it.

Thank you for the happy little place.

You're right: he did have pet squirrels.

Kids are up; have to run!

Mary Hughes Studio said...

Bob Ross fan! I watched him paint just to watch. He was very entertaining. Happy trees and all. It's nice to see your tribute. Mary

Amber said...

Mr. Rogers, Bob Ross, Captain Kangaroo, Wild Kingdom.....they evoke wonderful memories. Thanks for the tribute to Bob Ross. I still love to watch him but mostly I love to listen to that soft soothing voice of his while he's creating a magical world with "happy trees". Always enjoyed the critter tales too.