Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I am a list addict. I actually made a list of things that I might blog about and "lists" was on my list.
I write a lot of lists. I make messy lists and then re-write them so they are tidy lists. Sometimes I add drawings of things and even colour them. I doodle around the edges.
Lists of things to do, to buy, chores, want lists, shows to watch, things I want to make lists of, you name it.
I have been doing a lot of art lists. What I need to do first and then what I want to do. It usually changes by the time I finish the first item because I change my mind or get a better idea. Then I have to write a new list.
On my chore lists I often list a couple of things that actually just did, so that I can cross them off my list right away and make me feel like I am making a dent in my list. Some things are just on the list every time and are things I never intend to do. Like sort out the stuff in the corner of the basement. Sometimes I hold off doing things because I would rather have a list that looks like I have done most of the stuff, than have to write a new list that has nothing crossed off yet. Sometimes I like the look of a new list or my old list gets lost, so I just re-do it. Sometimes I don't like to go out and just goof around and do nothing because then I won't be able to cross something off a list.
::Note to self:: Put goofing off and doing nothing on all lists in the future.
I have a hard time not putting post it notes everywhere too.


liz said...

What an amusing post! I often do the same things...sometimes I'll add a chore to a list, even though I just completed it, just so that I can triumphantly cross it off!

crowcat said...

me too! it feels good to cross things off.
i recently found a list i made when i was little. it was titled "list of things to make lists about"

Precious Memories. Always Remember. said...

Lol! I am a list addict also!! I am always making "To Do" lists and they go on and on and on... I always feel like I should have something else to add to the list! Great idea for a post!