Monday, March 3, 2008


Is there a woman alive that has large boobs that does not look forward to taking off her bra at the end of the day?

Brassieres have to fit perfectly and be well made or you get the back riding up, straps digging in, boob hanging out of the bottom, overflow bumps at the top, and the sides curving like a dam ready to burst. Even if you do get a good one, they lose their oomph fairly soon. Then the tugging, adjusting and misery begins. .
There are some advantages to wearing a bra, such as hiding, keys, money, snacks etc. They can be used as a slingshot or earwarmers on cold days, in a pinch.
However on the con side, they also become a catch-all for cookie crumbs and occasionally grapes or other small projectiles that people try to toss in your cleavage. It's a bugger having to live with large crumbs in your bra until you can find somewhere to have a good shake out. I won't talk about the sweat underneath your bosom on hot days, because I don't sweat.

Of course they can be sexy and pretty and put your puppies on display very attractively, and bras do provide support. However when you get older, it's not so much about display as it is just being corrective underwear, getting them to stay in place in the appropriate part of your body……..and corrective underwear sucks. Age is not a friend of tatas. I have come to a conclusion that by the time I am 65 they will be pants-tuckable. I am going to retire my bras and just stick my boobs in a nice cozy pair of socks.


pelecypods said...

My grandmother used to bind her breast to keep them down. This was the days before bras.
Love the picture, so funny.
Looks like bra was ironed.
Yes, I have seen woman actually do that. In the old days, you ironed everything.

SavageBabble said...

yeah, I remember. Glad I wasn't a grown up then.

Diana said...


I can absolutely relate. I used to dress pointedly so that my entire ensemble became a frame for the lush velvet arches of my breast summits.

Alas, after nursing two children it is all I can do to hoist up my sagging soldiers in a tired parody of their former state.

I laughed when I read your first sentence because I still haven't put on my bra yet this morning. You have to work up to it, you know?

I am so glad you said 'hi' on my blog. I just checked out your shop, and have to tell you that I am grinding my teeth in jealousy at your talent. You make it look effortless, and like your animals are coming out of the page. Very, very special.

I would like to link to your blog from mine and come back to visit often. I will also be featuring painters on Etsy once a week. I have the next two weeks booked, but may I pretty please spotlight you after that?

Best wishes,

SavageBabble said...

Oooo I would like that, thank you!!

spotcat said...

I'm far too ladylike to share my own story... or am I? What I hate are bras that form boobs into weird shapes - one of my bras makes me look like a rather bloated Madonna.

Love your blog!

SavageBabble said...

I didn't know you could still buy those things. ?